food trucks for sale by owner

Food trucks have become a popular option for entrepreneurs looking to enter the food industry without the high overhead costs of a traditional brick and mortar restaurant. If you’re considering starting your own food truck business, you may be wondering where to find food trucks for sale by owner. In this article, we’ll explore the different options for buying a food truck and what to consider before making your purchase.

Where to Find Food Trucks for Sale by Owner

One of the first places to start your search for a food truck is online. There are a variety of websites dedicated to listing food trucks for sale, including Craigslist,, and These sites offer a wide range of food trucks for sale by owner, ranging from fully equipped trucks to those in need of some customization.

You can also search for food truck builders and dealers in your area who may have used food trucks for sale. These businesses often work with restaurant owners who are looking to upgrade their existing trucks or purchase new ones, and may have used food trucks available for purchase.

What to Consider Before Buying a Food Truck

Before making your purchase, there are a few key factors to consider when choosing a food truck:


Size Of A Food TruckSource:

The size of your food truck will depend on the type of cuisine you plan to serve and the amount of space you need for cooking and storage. Consider the size of your equipment, as well as the number of staff members who will be working in the truck.


Food Truck EquipmentSource:

Make sure your food truck is equipped with the necessary equipment to prepare and serve your menu items. This may include a refrigerator, freezer, grill, oven, and fryer.


Food Truck ConditionSource:

Inspect the condition of the truck before making your purchase. Look for signs of wear and tear, rust, and damage that may need to be repaired before the truck can be used.


Food Truck PriceSource:

Consider your budget when choosing a food truck. Prices can vary widely depending on the size, age, and condition of the truck. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the total cost, including any necessary repairs or upgrades.

The Benefits of Buying a Food Truck

There are several benefits to owning a food truck, including:

Low Overhead Costs

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Compared to a traditional restaurant, food trucks have lower overhead costs. You don’t need to pay rent for a physical location or hire as many staff members, which can save you money in the long run.


Food Truck FlexibilitySource:

Food trucks offer a high level of flexibility in terms of location and hours of operation. You can take your truck to different events and locations, and adjust your schedule as needed.

Brand Awareness

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Food trucks can help build brand awareness for your business. By taking your truck to different locations and events, you can reach a wider audience and build a loyal customer base.


If you’re considering starting your own food truck business, there are many options for finding food trucks for sale by owner. Consider your budget, the size and condition of the truck, and the equipment needed to prepare your menu items. With the right food truck, you can enjoy the benefits of low overhead costs, flexibility, and increased brand awareness.