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Are you looking to start a food business in Louisiana? One of the best ways to do so is by investing in a food trailer. Not only is it more affordable than a brick-and-mortar restaurant, but it’s also more flexible and allows you to take your business on the road. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of finding and buying the perfect food trailer for your needs.

Why Invest in a Food Trailer?

There are many reasons why investing in a food trailer is a smart choice. For starters, it’s more affordable than opening a restaurant. You don’t have to worry about rent, utilities, and other overhead costs associated with a brick-and-mortar establishment. Plus, a food trailer is more flexible and allows you to serve customers in different locations. You can take your business to festivals, fairs, and other events.

Another advantage of a food trailer is that it allows you to test your concept before committing to a larger investment. You can try out different menus and see what works best before opening a restaurant.

But before you start looking for a food trailer for sale in Louisiana, there are a few things you need to consider.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Food Trailer

Size: The first thing you need to consider is the size of the food trailer. How much space do you need for your equipment and cooking area? Do you need a separate area for storage?

Layout: The layout of the food trailer is also important. You want to make sure there’s enough space for you and your staff to move around comfortably.

Equipment: Think about what equipment you need to run your business. Do you need a grill, fryer, or oven? Make sure the food trailer can accommodate your equipment needs.

Power and Water Supply: You need to make sure the food trailer has access to power and water. Some food trailers come with built-in generators and water tanks, while others require you to hook up to an external source.

Permits and Regulations: Before you buy a food trailer, make sure you understand the permits and regulations required to operate it in Louisiana. You’ll need to obtain a food service permit, as well as any other permits required by the city or parish where you plan to operate.

Where to Find Food Trailers for Sale in Louisiana

Now that you know what to look for in a food trailer, it’s time to start your search. Here are some places to find food trailers for sale in Louisiana:

Online Listings

Online ListingsSource:

One of the best places to find food trailers for sale is online. There are many websites that specialize in selling new and used food trailers. Some popular sites include Craigslist, eBay, and

Food Trailer Manufacturers

Food Trailer ManufacturersSource:

You can also buy a food trailer directly from a manufacturer. This allows you to customize your trailer to your exact specifications. Some popular food trailer manufacturers in Louisiana include Custom Mobile Food Equipment and Trailer Factory.

Food Trailer Dealerships

Food Trailer DealershipsSource:

If you prefer to see the food trailer in person before buying, you can visit a food trailer dealership. These dealerships specialize in selling new and used food trailers. Some popular dealerships in Louisiana include Southern Dimensions Group and Louisiana Custom Concessions.


Investing in a food trailer is a great way to start your food business in Louisiana. Before you buy, make sure you consider the size, layout, equipment, power and water supply, and permits and regulations. You can find food trailers for sale online, through manufacturers, or at dealerships. With the right food trailer, you can take your business on the road and serve customers all over Louisiana.