world’s biggest semi truck

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Semi trucks are widely used for transportation of goods across the world. They are the backbone of the logistics industry and play a crucial role in the global economy. Over the years, the size and capacity of semi trucks have increased significantly, and today we have some of the biggest trucks ever built. In this article, we will take a look at the world’s biggest semi truck and its features.

What is a Semi Truck?

A semi truck, also known as a tractor-trailer, is a large commercial vehicle used for transportation of goods. It consists of a tractor unit that pulls a semi-trailer, which is attached to the tractor unit with a fifth-wheel coupling. Semi trucks are commonly used for long-distance transportation of goods, and they come in various sizes and configurations.

The World’s Biggest Semi Truck

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The world’s biggest semi truck is the BelAZ 75710, which is manufactured by the Belarusian company BelAZ. It is a mining truck that was first introduced in 2013 and has a payload capacity of 450 metric tons. The BelAZ 75710 is 20.6 meters long, 8.16 meters high, and 9.87 meters wide. It has a curb weight of 360 metric tons and can reach a top speed of 64 km/h when fully loaded.

Features of the BelAZ 75710

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The BelAZ 75710 is powered by two 16-cylinder diesel engines, each capable of producing 2,300 horsepower. It has an electric transmission system that delivers power to the wheels and allows for smooth shifting. The truck has eight wheels with tires that are 4 meters in diameter, making it easy to navigate rough terrain. The BelAZ 75710 also has a hydraulic suspension system that provides a comfortable ride for the driver and reduces wear and tear on the truck.

Applications of the BelAZ 75710

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The BelAZ 75710 is primarily used in mining operations to transport large quantities of material from mines to processing plants. It is capable of carrying up to 450 metric tons of material in a single trip, which makes it an efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation. The truck is also used in construction projects that require the transportation of large amounts of material over long distances.

Advantages of the BelAZ 75710

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The BelAZ 75710 offers several advantages over traditional trucks. Its large payload capacity allows for the transportation of more material in a single trip, which reduces the number of trips required and saves time and fuel. The truck’s electric transmission system also provides better fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. The hydraulic suspension system makes for a smoother ride and reduces maintenance costs. Overall, the BelAZ 75710 is a highly efficient and reliable truck that can handle the toughest jobs.


The BelAZ 75710 is the world’s biggest semi truck, and it is widely used in mining and construction industries. Its large payload capacity, electric transmission system, and hydraulic suspension system make it an efficient and reliable mode of transportation. The BelAZ 75710 is a testament to the advancements made in the world of semi trucks, and it is a clear indication that bigger and better trucks are yet to come.