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Are you in the market for a used semi-truck? Look no further than Craigslist! Craigslist is a popular online marketplace where you can find a wide variety of used vehicles for sale, including semi-trucks. In this article, we will discuss how to find and purchase a used semi-truck on Craigslist.

Why Buy a Used Semi-Truck?

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There are many benefits to buying a used semi-truck instead of a new one. First, you can save a significant amount of money. New semi-trucks can cost upwards of $100,000, while used semi-trucks can be purchased for a fraction of that cost. Second, used semi-trucks have already been broken in, which means that any issues or defects have likely already been addressed. Finally, used semi-trucks can be purchased immediately, whereas new semi-trucks often require a long waiting period.

Where to Find Used Semi-Trucks for Sale on Craigslist


There are several ways to find used semi-trucks for sale on Craigslist. The easiest way is to simply search for “used semi-trucks” in the search bar. This will bring up a list of all the available used semi-trucks in your area. You can also filter your search by location, price, and other criteria to narrow down your results.

Another way to find used semi-trucks on Craigslist is to browse the “Cars & Trucks” section of the website. This section contains listings for all types of vehicles, including semi-trucks. Simply navigate to the “Cars & Trucks” section, select “Heavy Equipment,” and then choose “Semi-Trucks” from the dropdown menu.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Semi-Truck on Craigslist

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When purchasing a used semi-truck on Craigslist, it is important to thoroughly inspect the vehicle before making a purchase. Here are some things to look for:

  • Check the engine for any leaks or damage
  • Inspect the tires for wear and tear
  • Check the brakes for any issues
  • Inspect the suspension for any damage
  • Check the transmission for any issues

If you are not familiar with these components, it may be a good idea to bring a mechanic with you to inspect the vehicle.

How to Negotiate the Price of a Used Semi-Truck on Craigslist


Once you have found a used semi-truck on Craigslist that you are interested in, it is time to negotiate the price. Here are some tips for negotiating the price of a used semi-truck:

  • Research the value of similar vehicles in your area to ensure that you are getting a fair price
  • Point out any issues or defects with the vehicle to negotiate a lower price
  • Be willing to walk away if the seller is not willing to negotiate

Remember, the goal of negotiation is to reach a price that both you and the seller are happy with.


Craigslist is a great place to find used semi-trucks for sale. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can find and purchase a reliable used semi-truck at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Remember to thoroughly inspect the vehicle before making a purchase and to negotiate the price to ensure that you are getting a fair deal.