used flatbeds for trucks

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If you’re in the market for a used flatbed for your truck, you’re in the right place. Flatbeds are an essential component of any heavy-duty truck, providing a versatile platform for hauling cargo of all shapes and sizes. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of buying a used flatbed, the different types of flatbeds available, and what to look for when shopping for a used flatbed.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Flatbed

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There are many benefits to buying a used flatbed for your truck. First and foremost, used flatbeds are generally much less expensive than new ones, which can save you a significant amount of money. Additionally, buying used can give you access to a wider range of options, as many manufacturers no longer produce certain models or sizes of flatbeds.

Buying used can also be a more sustainable option, as it reduces the demand for new materials and manufacturing processes. Finally, used flatbeds can be just as reliable and long-lasting as new ones, as long as they have been properly maintained and cared for.

The Different Types of Flatbeds

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There are several different types of flatbeds available, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some of the most common types of flatbeds include:

  • Standard flatbeds: These are the most basic type of flatbed, consisting of a simple, rectangular platform that is mounted on the truck’s chassis. They are typically used for hauling large or bulky items that cannot fit inside a traditional cargo container.
  • Drop-side flatbeds: These flatbeds have hinged sides that can be lowered to allow for easier loading and unloading. They are ideal for hauling items that need to be loaded from the sides, such as pallets or construction materials.
  • Stake bed flatbeds: These flatbeds have removable stakes that can be used to secure cargo. They are ideal for hauling items that need to be secured in place, such as lumber or pipes.
  • Gooseneck flatbeds: These flatbeds have a hitch that extends over the truck’s rear axle, allowing for greater weight capacity and stability. They are typically used for hauling heavy machinery or equipment.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Used Flatbed

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When shopping for a used flatbed, there are several key factors to consider. First and foremost, you’ll want to inspect the flatbed carefully to ensure that it is in good condition and free from any damage or defects. Look for signs of rust or corrosion, as well as any cracks or dents in the metal.

You’ll also want to consider the size and weight capacity of the flatbed, as well as its compatibility with your truck’s make and model. Make sure that the flatbed is the appropriate size for your truck, and that it can safely support the weight of your cargo.

Finally, be sure to take into account the overall cost of the flatbed, including any additional installation or maintenance fees. Consider getting quotes from multiple sellers to ensure that you’re getting the best possible price.


Used flatbeds for trucks can be an excellent choice for anyone looking to save money, expand their hauling capabilities, or reduce their environmental impact. By understanding the different types of flatbeds available and what to look for when shopping for a used one, you can find the perfect flatbed to meet your needs and budget.