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Greetings, dear Best Trucks For Sale Friends! In this article, we will explore the world of used FedEx delivery trucks that are available for purchase. Whether you are a logistics company looking to expand your fleet or an individual interested in owning a reliable delivery truck, this article is for you. We will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of buying used FedEx delivery trucks and provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!


When it comes to the transportation and delivery industry, FedEx is undoubtedly a name that stands out. With its unparalleled service and extensive network, FedEx has successfully established itself as a leader in the transportation sector. If you are considering buying a delivery truck, opting for a used FedEx truck can offer several advantages.

1. Cost-Effective Solution: Purchasing a used FedEx delivery truck can be a budget-friendly alternative to buying a brand new one. By choosing a used truck, you can save a significant amount of money while still acquiring a reliable vehicle for your business needs.

2. Proven Reliability: FedEx is known for its meticulous attention to maintenance and service. As such, their used trucks are often well-maintained and in good working condition. You can have peace of mind knowing that you are investing in a truck that has been thoroughly serviced and taken care of.

3. Established Reputation: FedEx sets high standards for its vehicles, and their fleet is well-regarded for its durability and performance. By purchasing a used FedEx truck, you can leverage the brand’s reputation for quality, ensuring that you have a reliable vehicle that can withstand the demands of your business.

4. Variety of Options: With FedEx being a prominent player in the delivery industry, there is a wide range of used trucks available for sale. You can choose from a diverse selection of models, sizes, and configurations to find the truck that best suits your business requirements.

5. Efficient Fuel Economy: FedEx prioritizes fuel efficiency in its operations. Therefore, their trucks are designed to maximize fuel economy. Opting for a used FedEx truck can help you save on fuel costs in the long run, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice.

6. Access to FedEx Support: By purchasing a used FedEx truck, you gain access to the extensive support network offered by the company. From maintenance advice to parts availability, FedEx provides comprehensive support to ensure that your truck remains in optimal condition.

7. Competitive Resale Value: Given the reputation and demand for FedEx trucks, a used truck retains its value well. If you decide to sell your truck in the future, you can expect a competitive resale price, allowing you to recover a significant portion of your initial investment.

Strengths and Weaknesses

While used FedEx delivery trucks have numerous advantages, it is essential to consider both the strengths and weaknesses before making your purchase.


1. Reliability: Used FedEx trucks have a proven track record of reliability, ensuring that your deliveries are made efficiently and on time.

2. Well-Maintained: FedEx takes pride in maintaining its fleet, and their used trucks are often in good condition, minimizing the need for immediate repairs.

3. Fuel Efficiency: With a focus on sustainability, FedEx trucks are engineered to deliver optimal fuel economy, reducing your operational costs.

4. Choice and Variety: The used FedEx truck market offers a wide range of options, allowing you to select a truck that perfectly fits your needs.

5. Brand Reputation: By choosing a used FedEx truck, you benefit from the brand’s reputation for quality and excellence in the transportation industry.

6. Access to Support: FedEx provides comprehensive support, ensuring that you have access to maintenance advice and readily available spare parts.

7. Resale Value: Due to the high demand for FedEx trucks, a used truck holds its value well, offering potential returns on your investment when you decide to sell.


1. Higher Initial Cost: Used FedEx trucks may have a higher upfront cost compared to other used delivery trucks, reflecting their reliability and reputation.

2. Limited Customization: While there is a variety of options, the degree of customization available for used FedEx trucks may be limited.

3. Availability: As popular vehicles in the market, used FedEx trucks may sometimes be in high demand, leading to potential scarcity.

4. Specific Maintenance Requirements: While FedEx provides support, the maintenance requirements and potential associated costs should be considered.

5. Age and Mileage: Used trucks naturally have some wear and tear, so it’s important to carefully assess the age and mileage of any potential purchase.

6. Potential Depreciation: Like any vehicle, a used truck may experience depreciation over time, affecting its resale value.

7. Competitive Market: With the popularity of used FedEx trucks, prices may vary, and it is advisable to research and compare offers before making a purchase.

Complete Information about Used FedEx Delivery Trucks for Sale

Model Year Mileage Price
M1 2018 50,000 $30,000
E5 2019 20,000 $35,000
R3 2017 60,000 $25,000
X7 2020 10,000 $45,000

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there financing options available for purchasing used FedEx delivery trucks?

Yes, there are financing options available for purchasing used FedEx delivery trucks. Many banks and financial institutions offer loans specifically tailored for commercial vehicle purchases.

2. How can I ensure the mileage provided for a used FedEx truck is accurate?

Prior to purchasing a used FedEx truck, you can request the vehicle’s maintenance records and service history. This can help verify the accuracy of the reported mileage.

3. What warranty is offered for used FedEx delivery trucks?

Warranties may vary depending on the specific truck and seller. It is advisable to inquire about the available warranty options before making a purchase.

4. Can I modify a used FedEx delivery truck to better suit my business needs?

Modifications can be made to used FedEx trucks to accommodate specific business requirements. However, it is essential to adhere to local regulations and consult with professionals for guidance.

5. Are there any additional costs associated with purchasing a used FedEx delivery truck?

In addition to the purchase price, you might need to consider expenses such as insurance, maintenance, fuel, and potential licensing or registration fees.

6. Can I test drive a used FedEx delivery truck before buying it?

It is advisable to inquire with the seller and schedule a test drive to evaluate the performance and suitability of the used FedEx truck before finalizing the purchase.

7. Are there any special requirements for operating a used FedEx delivery truck?

Operating requirements for used FedEx trucks may vary depending on local laws and regulations. It is important to comply with any specific licensing or safety guidelines applicable to your region.


In conclusion, purchasing a used FedEx delivery truck can be a wise investment for those in need of a reliable and efficient vehicle. With the cost-saving benefits, proven reliability, and access to support, it is a feasible choice for logistics companies and individuals alike. However, as with any purchase, it is essential to weigh the strengths and weaknesses, consider the complete information available, and make an informed decision that aligns with your specific requirements.

So, if you are looking for a used delivery truck that combines quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, explore the world of used FedEx delivery trucks for sale. Take the opportunity to add a trusted vehicle to your fleet and watch your business thrive.

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