u-haul truck prices and sizes

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When it comes to moving, renting a truck can be a cost-effective option. U-Haul is a popular choice for many movers due to their variety of truck sizes and affordable prices. In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about U-Haul truck prices and sizes.

U-Haul Truck Sizes and Capacities

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U-Haul offers a range of truck sizes to accommodate various moving needs. Here are the sizes and their respective capacities:

  • 10 ft. truck – up to 2,800 lbs.
  • 15 ft. truck – up to 6,385 lbs.
  • 17 ft. truck – up to 6,160 lbs.
  • 20 ft. truck – up to 5,700 lbs.
  • 26 ft. truck – up to 9,000 lbs.

It’s important to keep in mind that the weight capacity includes both the truck and the load. So, if you’re moving heavy items, you may need to opt for a larger truck to ensure everything fits safely and securely.

U-Haul Truck Rental Prices

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U-Haul’s rental prices vary depending on the truck size and the duration of the rental. Here’s a breakdown of their current prices:

  • 10 ft. truck – starting at $19.95 per day plus $0.59 per mile
  • 15 ft. truck – starting at $29.95 per day plus $0.79 per mile
  • 17 ft. truck – starting at $29.95 per day plus $0.79 per mile
  • 20 ft. truck – starting at $39.95 per day plus $0.89 per mile
  • 26 ft. truck – starting at $39.95 per day plus $0.89 per mile

It’s important to note that these prices may vary depending on your location and the time of year you’re renting. Additionally, U-Haul offers various add-ons and additional services that may affect the total cost of your rental.

Additional U-Haul Fees

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In addition to the rental price, there are several additional fees you may encounter when renting a U-Haul truck. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Mileage fee – U-Haul charges a fee per mile driven in addition to the rental price.
  • Fuel fee – you’re responsible for returning the truck with the same level of fuel it had when you picked it up. If you return it with less fuel, you’ll be charged a fee.
  • Damage fee – if you damage the truck during your rental period, you may be charged a fee.
  • Insurance fee – U-Haul offers various insurance options to protect you and the truck during your rental period.
  • Late fee – if you return the truck after the agreed-upon rental period, you may be charged a late fee.

How to Save Money on U-Haul Rentals

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While U-Haul’s rental prices are already affordable, there are a few ways you can save even more money:

  • Book early – U-Haul offers discounts for customers who book their rentals in advance.
  • Opt for a smaller truck – if your load isn’t too heavy, renting a smaller truck can save you money on both the rental price and the mileage fee.
  • Return the truck on time – avoiding late fees can save you a significant amount of money.
  • Shop around – compare U-Haul’s prices to other truck rental companies in your area to ensure you’re getting the best deal.


Renting a U-Haul truck can be an affordable and convenient option for your next move. By understanding their truck sizes and rental prices, as well as additional fees and money-saving tips, you can ensure a successful and stress-free move.