u haul car trailer prices

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Are you planning on moving to a new city or state? Perhaps you’re planning on taking your car along with you. If so, you might want to consider renting a car trailer from U-Haul. U-Haul is one of the most popular rental companies in the United States and offers a variety of car trailer options at affordable prices.

Types of U-Haul Car Trailers

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U-Haul offers two types of car trailers: the auto transport trailer and the tow dolly. The auto transport trailer is designed for long-distance moves and can accommodate most cars. The tow dolly, on the other hand, is designed for shorter distances and can only accommodate front-wheel drive vehicles.

U-Haul Car Trailer Prices

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The cost of renting a U-Haul car trailer varies based on several factors, including the location, the type of trailer, and the duration of the rental. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $150 per day for a car trailer rental.

U-Haul Car Trailer Rental Options

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U-Haul offers several rental options for their car trailers. You can rent a car trailer for a day, a week, or even a month. If you need to rent a car trailer for an extended period of time, U-Haul also offers long-term rental options.

U-Haul Car Trailer Requirements

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Before renting a U-Haul car trailer, you will need to meet several requirements. First, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license. Second, you must have a vehicle that is capable of towing the trailer. Third, you must have insurance that covers rental trailers.

U-Haul Car Trailer Reservation

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If you’re interested in renting a U-Haul car trailer, you can make a reservation online or by calling your local U-Haul center. It’s important to make a reservation in advance, especially if you’re planning on moving during peak season.

Tips for Renting a U-Haul Car Trailer

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Here are some tips to keep in mind when renting a U-Haul car trailer:

  • Check the towing capacity of your vehicle before renting the trailer
  • Make sure you have the necessary insurance coverage
  • Inspect the trailer before taking it off the lot
  • Practice driving with the trailer before hitting the road
  • Follow all traffic laws and drive defensively

The Benefits of Renting a U-Haul Car Trailer

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There are several benefits to renting a U-Haul car trailer, including:

  • Convenience: You can take your car with you wherever you go
  • Affordability: U-Haul car trailer rentals are affordable compared to other transportation options
  • Flexibility: You can rent a car trailer for as long as you need it


Renting a U-Haul car trailer is a great way to transport your car when moving long distances. With affordable prices, flexible rental options, and a variety of trailer types, U-Haul is a popular choice for many people. Just be sure to follow the rental requirements and tips to ensure a safe and successful move.