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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable pickup truck that can handle your hauling and towing needs? Look no further than the OBS Chevy trucks, which are known for their durability and performance on and off the road. Whether you’re a rancher, contractor, or outdoor enthusiast, you’ll find plenty of options for OBS Chevy for sale on Craigslist. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of owning an OBS Chevy, tips for buying a used truck on Craigslist, and some of the best places to search for OBS Chevy for sale.

What is an OBS Chevy?

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OBS stands for “Old Body Style,” which refers to the Chevy pickups made from 1988 to 1998. These trucks are known for their boxy and rugged design, which has become iconic among truck enthusiasts. The OBS Chevy trucks came in different models, including the C/K, Silverado, and Sierra, and were available with various engine types and transmission options. Although the OBS Chevy trucks are no longer in production, they are still in high demand among truck fans and collectors.

Benefits of Owning an OBS Chevy

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There are many reasons why owning an OBS Chevy is a smart investment. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Durability: The OBS Chevy trucks were built to last, with sturdy frames, reliable engines, and solid axles. These trucks can handle heavy loads, rough terrain, and harsh weather conditions.
  • Performance: The OBS Chevy trucks offer powerful engine options, including the V8 and diesel engines, that provide excellent towing and hauling capabilities. These trucks also have a smooth ride and responsive handling, making them ideal for both work and play.
  • Customization: The OBS Chevy trucks are popular among truck enthusiasts because they can be easily customized and upgraded. You can add aftermarket parts, such as lift kits, wheels, tires, and performance upgrades, to make your truck stand out and perform better.
  • Value: The OBS Chevy trucks have a high resale value, especially if they are well-maintained and in good condition. These trucks are also affordable compared to newer models, making them a smart choice for budget-conscious buyers.

Tips for Buying a Used Truck on Craigslist

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Craigslist is a popular online marketplace for buying and selling used vehicles. However, it’s important to be cautious when buying a used truck on Craigslist, as there are many scams and fraudulent listings. Here are some tips to help you buy a reliable and safe truck on Craigslist:

  • Do your research: Before you start searching for trucks on Craigslist, do some research on the make and model you’re interested in. Check the prices, features, and common problems of the truck, and make a list of your preferences and priorities.
  • Check the seller: When you find a truck that you like on Craigslist, check the seller’s profile and history. Look for reviews, ratings, and feedback from previous buyers, and avoid sellers with suspicious or incomplete information.
  • Inspect the truck: When you meet the seller in person, inspect the truck thoroughly. Check the exterior, interior, engine, tires, brakes, and other components for signs of wear, damage, or malfunction. Test-drive the truck on different roads and conditions to see how it performs.
  • Negotiate the price: Once you’re satisfied with the truck’s condition, negotiate the price with the seller. Use your research and knowledge to make a fair and reasonable offer, and be prepared to walk away if the seller is not willing to negotiate.
  • Complete the paperwork: If you and the seller agree on the price and terms, complete the paperwork and transfer the ownership of the truck. Make sure you have all the necessary documents, such as the title, registration, and bill of sale, and keep copies for your records.

Where to Find OBS Chevy for Sale on Craigslist

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Craigslist is a vast and diverse marketplace, and finding the right OBS Chevy for sale can be challenging. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you narrow down your search and find the best deals. Here are some of the best places to search for OBS Chevy for sale on Craigslist:

  • Local Craigslist: Start by searching for OBS Chevy for sale in your local Craigslist site. Use specific keywords, such as “OBS Chevy,” “C/K truck,” or “Silverado/Sierra,” and filter the results by location, price, year, and other criteria.
  • Statewide Craigslist: If you can’t find the right OBS Chevy in your local Craigslist, try searching in other cities or regions within your state. Some sellers may be willing to travel or ship the truck to you, especially if you’re a serious buyer.
  • National Craigslist: If you’re willing to travel or import the truck from another state, try searching in the national Craigslist site. You can also use third-party tools, such as SearchTempest or Craiglook, to search multiple Craigslist sites at once.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace is another online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell vehicles. You can search for OBS Chevy for sale in your local or regional groups, or use the search bar to find specific models or years.
  • Classic Car Dealerships: If you’re looking for a well-preserved or restored OBS Chevy, try contacting classic car dealerships or collectors in your area. They may have rare or unique models that are not available on Craigslist.


Buying an OBS Chevy for sale on Craigslist can be an exciting and rewarding experience, as long as you do your research, inspect the truck, and negotiate the price. By following the tips and tricks in this article, you can find the best OBS Chevy for your needs and budget, and enjoy the benefits of owning a reliable and durable pickup truck. Happy hunting!