hunting truck setup

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As a hunter, having the right gear and equipment is crucial to a successful hunt. However, one thing that many hunters overlook is the importance of having a properly set up hunting truck. A hunting truck can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting to your hunting spot and hauling out your game.

Choosing the Right Truck

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The first step in setting up a hunting truck is choosing the right vehicle. Ideally, you want a truck that is four-wheel drive, has good ground clearance, and can handle rough terrain. Some popular choices for hunting trucks include the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, and Dodge Ram.

Lift Kits and Tires

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Once you have your truck, the next step is to install a lift kit and upgrade the tires. A lift kit will give your truck more ground clearance, making it easier to navigate rough terrain. Upgraded tires with deeper treads will also help with traction and handling in muddy or slippery conditions.

Storage Solutions

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Storage is another important consideration when setting up a hunting truck. You’ll want to have plenty of space to store your hunting gear, as well as any game you harvest. Consider installing a truck bed cover or a storage system that will keep your gear organized and protected from the elements.

Winch and Bumper

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A winch and bumper are also essential components of a hunting truck setup. A winch can be used to pull your truck out of mud or snow, while a sturdy bumper will protect your truck from damage if you accidentally hit a tree or other obstacle.



Good lighting is crucial for hunting, especially if you plan on hunting early in the morning or at night. Consider installing a light bar or additional lights on your truck to help illuminate your hunting area.

Gun Racks and Bow Holders

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If you plan on hunting with a rifle or bow, you’ll want to have a safe and secure way to transport your weapons. Gun racks and bow holders can be installed in the cab or bed of your truck to keep your weapons secure while you’re driving.

Coolers and Freezers

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Finally, it’s important to have a way to keep your game cool and fresh until you can process it. Consider installing a cooler or freezer in the bed of your truck to keep your game at a safe temperature until you can get it home.


With the right setup, a hunting truck can be an invaluable tool for any hunter. By choosing the right vehicle, upgrading your tires and suspension, and adding key accessories like a winch and lighting, you can create the ultimate hunting machine that will get you to your hunting spot and back home safely with your game.