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The Great Food Truck Race: A Quick Overview

The Great Food Truck Race is a popular reality TV cooking competition that airs on the Food Network. It features several teams of food truck owners who travel across the United States, competing against each other in various challenges related to cooking, selling, and marketing their food to the public.

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Season 8: What Happened?

The eighth season of the Great Food Truck Race premiered on August 20, 2017, and featured seven teams of food truck owners from across the country. The teams traveled to various cities in the West Coast, including San Francisco, Santa Monica, and Las Vegas, to compete in challenges that tested their cooking skills, creativity, and business acumen.

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The Contestants: Who Were They?

The seven teams that participated in season 8 of the Great Food Truck Race were:

  • Waffle Love (Provo, Utah)
  • The Southern Frenchie (Little Rock, Arkansas)
  • The Brunch Babes (Scottsdale, Arizona)
  • Everything Eggroll (San Francisco, California)
  • Mighty Mike’s (Los Angeles, California)
  • Magic Bus (Portland, Oregon)
  • Just Wing It (Houston, Texas)

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The Challenges: What Did They Have to Do?

Throughout the season, the teams had to face various challenges that tested their culinary skills, creativity, and ability to sell their food to the public. Some of the challenges included:

  • Creating a dish using only ingredients that cost $10 or less
  • Designing a dish that represented the city they were in
  • Creating a dish that could be served in a movie theater
  • Designing a dish that represented their team’s heritage
  • Creating a dish that incorporated a mystery ingredient chosen by the judges

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The Winner: Who Took Home the Prize?

The winner of season 8 of the Great Food Truck Race was The Brunch Babes, a team from Scottsdale, Arizona. The team consisted of friends Tiffany, Chelsea, and Sylvia, who created a unique brunch menu that impressed the judges and the public. They won a grand prize of $50,000 and a brand new food truck, which they named “Little Rose”.

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The Food: What Did They Serve?

The food served by the teams in season 8 of the Great Food Truck Race was diverse and creative, reflecting their different backgrounds and culinary styles. Some of the dishes that stood out included:

  • The Waffle Love team’s signature Belgian waffles with various toppings
  • The Southern Frenchie team’s French-inspired dishes, such as croque-monsieur and beignets
  • The Brunch Babes team’s brunch favorites, such as avocado toast and breakfast burritos
  • The Everything Eggroll team’s fusion egg rolls, such as Philly cheesesteak and buffalo chicken
  • The Magic Bus team’s vegetarian and vegan options, such as kale salad and tofu tacos
  • The Just Wing It team’s buffalo wings in various flavors

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Final Thoughts: Why Was Season 8 a Success?

Season 8 of the Great Food Truck Race was a success for several reasons. First, the contestants were diverse and talented, bringing different culinary styles and personalities to the show. Second, the challenges were innovative and exciting, pushing the teams to create new and delicious dishes that impressed the judges and the public. Finally, the winner, The Brunch Babes, was a deserving team that showed creativity, teamwork, and dedication throughout the season.