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Food trucks have become increasingly popular in recent years, and Western Massachusetts is no exception. From savory tacos to sweet treats, there’s no shortage of delicious options to satisfy your cravings. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best food trucks in the area and highlight their must-try dishes.

The Bistro Bus

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The Bistro Bus is a mobile restaurant on wheels, offering a unique dining experience for foodies on the go. With a menu that changes seasonally, you can expect fresh and flavorful dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Some of their popular items include the lobster grilled cheese and the truffle fries.

Loose Goose Grilling Co.

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If you’re in the mood for some mouth-watering BBQ, look no further than Loose Goose Grilling Co. Their slow-cooked meats are tender and flavorful, and their homemade sauces will have you licking your fingers. Don’t miss out on the brisket or pulled pork sandwiches.

Holyoke Hummus Company

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Vegans and vegetarians rejoice: Holyoke Hummus Company has got you covered. Their menu is packed with plant-based options that are both healthy and delicious. Their falafel wrap and loaded hummus bowls are crowd favorites.

The Sweet Cow

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If you have a sweet tooth, The Sweet Cow is the food truck for you. They specialize in homemade ice cream and other sweet treats, like their famous chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. With flavors like maple bacon and cinnamon roll, you’re sure to find something that hits the spot.

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Discover the best food trucks in Western Massachusetts and their must-try dishes. From savory BBQ to sweet treats, there’s something for everyone on the go.

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