Craigslist Pickup Trucks for Sale on Cabin Guides

Craigslist pickup trucks for sale consisting of various cabin styles. You may notice various cabins on different pickup trucks. All of terms: crew, extended, short, quad, king, they are not replicate any “official” standard. Truck manufacturers use any term they like to indicate their line.

Take a glance to the various terms for cabs and see what they mean. The terms are typically different between manufacture, however you have 3 basic configurations such as crew/supercrew, extended/quad/king, and regular/short.

Kinds Of Cabs On Craigslist Pickup Trucks For Sale

If you shop for a truck, ensure to research the specs. Look into the cab configuration for each category. Even the leading brands on the market shows the distinction between the seats configuration and the term they use.

• Regular Cab

A regular cab, also known as short cab or single cab, has no rear seats nor rear doors. This configuration has one row, though these kinds of truck typically have high towing capacities among Craigslist pickup trucks for sale.

They’re not a standard among common buyer that need spacious cab in their vehicle. That said, those who drive with one or no passengers are best suited to this cab.

• Double Cab

A double cab, also known as a quad or Supercab, has a second row of seats. These cabs have 2 doors, other four. Though, the second row are smaller and rear-hinged, they open in opposite directions as front doors.

You will open the primary door to achieve the handle for the second door. If you see a truck with two rows of seats without doors, or doors that are smaller, you’re probably looking at double cab.

• King Cab

The term “king cab” is to designate double cabs. Just don’t be fooled by the title. The seats in the second row are folding seats. Basically, it’s an area where you place your stuff, or you can unfold those seats and have passengers use them.

• Crew Cab

This is the biggest cab configurations. The term of “crew cab” indicates 2 full rows of seats for 5-6 adults. It suggests a bigger and spacious cab, with four full doors.

If you’re carrying more people on the road, find a crew cab. In most cases, the rear rows are smaller than front rows. Not all crew cabs provide enough legroom for second row passengers.

How To Choose The Correct Cab On Craigslist Pickup Trucks For Sale?

There are several concerns once selecting a truck. The cab may be an issue as most pickups are available in numerous configurations. Regardless the engine or transmission, choose the cab that suits you.

You can have a short cab or a crew cab. The main concerns are the overall length, the length of your bed, how many passengers will you carry, how snug your second row must be, and sure, budget.

• How Many Passengers Will You Carry

If you never drive over 2 people, a regular cab is what you need. You can go with 2-3 people if you get a model with a middle console. However, three is your limit. If you drive with more people, you need a bigger cab on Craigslist pickup trucks for sale, either a crew cab or a double cab.

• The Length Of Your Bed

If you need an eight foot long bed, you won’t get a crew cab. Such long beds are meant for work. If you wish a longer floor to transport around, you’ll be restricted to a few models. If you like a short bed, go with supercrew cabs.

• Overall Length

Cab size affects the length of the truck. Choosing a bigger cab suggests that you may find yourself with a longer truck, which is tougher to maneuver and park. If you intend to tow a trailer, get a truck on Craigslist pickup trucks for sale with a shorter bed to get balance.