Craigslist Food Truck for Sale Benefits and Considerations

Craigslist food truck for sale Truckstrend.Com has some benefits. The number of food trucks are staggering. There are over 4,000 food trucks with over 100,000 people. From food trucks, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs are opting out of the normal brick-and-mortar business model in road-worthy van trucks.

Before Buying On Craigslist Food Truck For Sale

Counting on what business you’re considering, a truck may be the best vehicle. There are things to consider before you buy a food truck into a mobile business.


Staff, freezer, stove, tools, other assets, the entire weight of people, equipment, materials and inventory you’ll transport adds up to your payload. Your maximum payload + GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) mustn’t exceed the vehicle’s GVWR.

If you’re buying on Craigslist food truck for sale to tow a food cart, you have to add the gross weight to the equation and not exceed the vehicle’s Gross Combination Weight Rating.

Craigslist Food Truck for Sale

• Engine And Transmission

If you do more city driving, get a vehicle with the most fuel economical engine over the horse power. If you will be doing more driving in cragged terrain, you’ll need an engine with higher horse power over the fuel efficiency. You have to decide between a diesel or hydrocarbon engine.

Gasoline engines price lower than diesel engines; however, diesel engines usually outlive hydrocarbon engines. Before you look around, think an automatic or manual transmission, which offer different preferences and experience.

Craigslist Food Truck for Sale

• Maintenance And Operational Prices

Look of services the vehicle has completed. The frequency of service can offer you a thought of the maintenance costs. Ask to see any work orders. For example, have the brakes been done recently work to your budget?

The food trucks appear being trend in several areas. If you’re taking your business to the streets, think about used truck. You can get an enormous choice of trucks for every year and model. Shopping for used is your chance to find the truck you like for your business.

Advantages Of Buying On Craigslist Food Truck For Sale

Over an everyday eating place, you may get confused about to choose a food cart or a food truck. Though, there are benefits why you must open a food truck rather than a regular restaurant.

• Low Initial Investment on Craigslist food truck for sale

A food truck is a high-profit food business because lower investment than a restaurant. This may be an advantage of a food truck rather than an everyday eating place.

The main price is shopping on Craigslist food truck for sale, that is avertable. With a recent truck, you’ll established your food truck is lower. You have to outfit your truck with the correct equipment like exhausts, grillers, heat lamps, and other specialty equipment.

A typical food street, for instance, makes a mean monthly profit of forty to fifty thousand. Three-year sales and lease choices mean that vendors don’t have to break the bank to get some fancy equipment.

• Low Operation

Owning an eating place needs you to spend more on utilities, pay workers, cooks, servers, managers, cleaners, etc., and pay tax or monthly rentals. It becomes imperative to keep your operations cost, particularly the hidden prices.

On the opposite hand, the operational costs of a food truck are restricted to food, supplies, and gas. You don’t have to hire a staff; a small team can do and your taxes are lower. Even buying on Craigslist food truck for sale can go with a simple maintenance and repairs here and there.

  • Food Truck with BRAND NEW EQUIPMENT $55,000 (Atlanta)
  • International Utilmaster STEP VAN Box Food Bread Truck DIESEL Step Van $29,000 (Service Truck* utility truck*)
  • High top van food truck $75,000 (North Decatur– ITP)
  • food truck – $45,000 (Doraville, GA) – $45,000 $45,000 (DORAVILLE)
  • food truck $45,000 (Doraville)
  • food truck – $45,000 (Doraville) $45,000 (Doraville)
  • BBQ Food Truck $40,000 (Kennesaw)
  • 2006 WORKHORSE W42 STEPVAN 18′ HIGH ROOF 6.0L GAS ENGINE FOOD TRUCK $22,500 (gardena)
  • Food truck for Sale $25,000 (Katy Texas)
  • Food Truck Wraps $3,000 (Aldine)
  • 2009 Chevy Workhorse 18FT Step Van Food Truck 6.0 Vortec Gas V8 $10,500

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